Traceable Pro For Contact Tracing

Contact tracing for Covid19 is essential in New Zealand’s fight to control the virus.  The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said that ‘onus is on the businesses’ to determine how they are going to manage contact tracing within their own unique environments, but that this must be done for them to open safely.

Webtools Health has developed Traceable Pro, an app which enables organisations to capture contact details of staff, customers and visitors to their sites.  

Some key highlights of Traceable Pro’s customer-centric design principals are:  

  • Validation of design and functionality, through consultation with our distribution partner Spark
  • Thorough process mapping and end user testing, ensuring ease of accessibility for all users
  • Minimal manual data input using AI to capture information from driver’s license, customer store card etc.; reducing delays in customer queue times
  • Works offline when Wi-Fi/cellular data is not available or is unstable
  • Traceable Pro can capture visitor information in a contactless manner, utilising the company’s devices; no requirement on the visitor to have a smartphone or app installed
  • Developed in New Zealand allowing the software to be adapted to unique organisation needs
  • Currently in development, the My Traceable app will allow visitors and employees to check in and out of locations independent of the organisation by scanning a QR code

Many visitors are concerned that contract tracing applications will be used by organisations to grow their marketing databases.  Webtools Health is a trusted technology partner to security conscious organisations including Canterbury District Health Board and the Ministry of Health and has focused on privacy and security of data when developing this contact tracing application.  Webtools Health’s specialisation in the health sector have resulted in number of unique features for Traceable Pro:

  • Respects privacy and security.  Traceable Pro does not use GPS or Bluetooth functionality which track people’s movements as many solutions overseas have  
  • Only captures personal data as required by the Ministry of Health for contact tracing purposes (full name, phone number, email address, date of entry, time in and out)
  • App usage analytics are captured anonymously to help support and enhance the application’s features
  • When using Traceable Pro organisations agree to the app’s Terms of Use and privacy which states that information collected is solely for contact tracing purposes and will only be accessed for such purposes when requested by the Ministry of Health or approved DHB personnel
  • The Traceable Pro database is encrypted and held in a cloud server which complies with NZ Government policies regarding the use of public cloud services
  • Data is automatically deleted after 60 days in line with Ministry of Health requirements

Traceable Pro is now available for large enterprise organisation deployments across multiple sites. Webtools Health is working to make a free version of Traceable Pro available to smaller organisations soon – register now at the Traceable website to be kept up to date

For more information on deploying Traceable Pro in your organisation visit, or phone Brett O’Donnell, +64 21 348 358 or Ben Teycheney, +64 409 996 000.

Published on:

Friday, May 15, 2020